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Why choose cruising in Halong bay for your family holiday?

Halong bay is one of the world natural heritages.

Halong Bay is located in the North of Vietnam which is about 170 km from Hanoi. It is famous for its breathtaking sceneries and known as one of the World Heritage. Besides the beauty of geography, it is also appreciated when it comes to human factor. The Vietnamese in general and Halong Bay local people in particular are well known for their friendliness and hospitality throughout the world. Read More »

Abundant options for cruises

There are several cruises available in Halong Bay at present which are divided into 03 classes: Luxury, Deluxe and Budget. All of them are well-equipped with modern facilities and graceful decorations.
List some cruises in Halong bay which is family - friendly:
+ Signature Halong/ Royal Cruise
+ La Fairy Sails Cruise
+ Aphrodite Cruise
+ Stellar Cruise
+ La Vela Premium Cruise
+ Pelican Cruise
+ Glory Legend Cruise
+ V'Spirit Cruise
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Famous attractions

There are a plenty of famous attractions to visit in Halong Bay: Surprise Cave, Heavenly Palace Cave
+ Thien Canh Son Cave
+ Maze Cave
+ Drum Cave
+ Virgin Cave
+ Ti Top Island
+ Vung Vieng floating village
+ Van Gia floating village
+ Pearl Farm
+ Islands in Halong Bay
+ Islands in Bai Tu Long Bay
+ Islands in Lan Ha Bay
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Various activities

You will not only get to see famous attractions, but also enjoy interesting activities with your family members.
+ Swimming
+ Kayaking
+ Joining Rowing boat
+ Go sight-seeing: many caves, beaches, floating villages and islands
+ Squid catching
+ Doing Taichi session
+ Learning cooking demonstration
+ Sun-bathing
+ Relaxing on sundeck
+ Making friends
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What are the most popular activities for family in Halong bay?

During the trip in Halong Bay, all of your family members will take part in a wide range of interesting activities that bring joy to all of you and thus enhance your relationship. Here are some common activities in all itineraries for your family.


Relaxing and having fun with other members in the cool and clean water on the bay. Other activities on the beach such as volleyball and footfall are fascinating too.


Do kayaking to explore the beauty of Halong Bay yourself. The double-kayak is perfect for team building.

Joining rowing boat

If your children are too young, you can explore Halong Bay by rowing bamboo boats with local people.

Go sight-seeing

Visit beautiful caves, beaches as well as floating villages and take pictures with family members will create great memories that will last for many years to come.

Squid catching

Try yourself and challenge your patience with squid catching on the deck at night.

Doing Taichi session

Start the day with a Tai Chi lesson on the sundeck while enjoy the breath-taking views in the sunrise.

Learning cooking demonstration

Take part in the cooking demonstration to learn how to cook delicious Vietnamese traditional dishes.


Take a deeply relax by sun-bathing either on beach or on the sundeck will make you feel comfortable.

Relaxing on sundeck

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere yourself by reading book or listening to music or enjoy some cocktails while watching sunset with family' members with Happy hour (Buy one get another one for free with special drink menu).

Making friends

At night, passengers tend to gather in the top deck. It is fun to make some chit chat with friends all over the world under the sky covered of stars.

What are notices for family to do cruising in Halong Bay?

Choose private transportation instead of the shuttle bus

The prices are similar but it is more convenient and comfortable for you to choose the private one. You can ask the driver to stop if necessary or make any change in terms of time to depart.

Bring children some books or snacks

There are some activities for adults at night such as going squid fishing or drinking some beers in the sundeck and chit chatting with other passengers. However, children can feel boring. You can bring them some of their games or books or some snacks so that they can enjoy the time happily.

Ask for baby cot for infants

Baby Cot is always offered for free (subject to availability). Therefore, please kindly note in your booking so that it can be arranged in advance.

Bring Mosquito prevention gel

Mosquito prevention gel is helpful sometimes for your children, especially in the evening or at night.

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