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Located in the southwest of Halong Bay about 10 km from Tuan Chau pier, Soi Sim island is an appealing tourist attraction because of its inherent wild beauty. The island is also near other highlight attractions such as Titov Island, Luon Cave and Sung Sot Cave. The island’s name is derived from the rose myrtle (called “sim” in Vietnamese) which is ubiquitous across the island.
Soi Sim Island has an area of 8.7 hectares, devided into two peaks, the highest one is about 200 meters. The whole island is covered by a green primeval forest, home to many species of flora, especially endemic and valuable tree species, typical of Halong Bay ecosystem. Recently a flora and fauna conservation area was built on Soi Sim Island. The highlight of this project is the central display house and the viewing platforms simulating a 9-petal flower. In the near future, this conservation area promises to create a new and appealing tourism product to attract visitors, contributing to the sustainable tourism development of the heritage.
Coming to Soi Sim Island, tourists can also participate in water sports such as kayaking and swimming on the clear seawater, playing on the pristine white sand beach or spend time relaxing on deck chair and enjoy cool drinks.

Halong Bay Cruises Visit Soi Sim Island

Paradise Elegance Cruise
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All Meals Included

Paradise Elegance Cruise Paradise Elegance Cruise

Launched: 2017    Rooms: 31   

 Style: Modern luxurious style  One of the newest and most luxurious cruises in Halong bay  One of the biggest in Halong bay. Guarantee no rolling of the boat at all for sea-sick passengers  Private balcony guaranteed in each cabin  Perfect care-service: cater customers 24/24 any time throughout the cruise  Short transfer - ONLY 2.5 hours through new highway road  Operated by Paradise Group: TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015,2016 and 2017  Not only Visiting Titov Island -With  Amazing Panoramic view of the Bay but also Visiting Halong Bay's largest cave: Sung Sot cave.  Spectacular facilities: the most spacious spa facilities with a varied list of unparalleled spa therapies

Only From $250 $160
 Best Price Guarantee  
Paradise Luxury Cruise
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All Meals Included

Paradise Luxury Cruise Paradise Luxury Cruise

Launched: 2009    Rooms: 17   

 Style: Traditional Vietnamese Junk  Leading luxury cruise line in Halong Bay  Exclusively private waiting lounge  Beautiful and traditional decoration   Comfy 8 layers Paradise Dream Bed  Perfect care-service wiht professional staff  The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015, 2016, 2017  Interesting itinerary with highlight destinations: Tung Sau Pearl Farrm, Titop Island , Sung Sot Cave  ONLY 2.5 hours tranfers Hanoi - Halong Bay with express way  Visitting & Swimming, kayaking at Cua Van Floating Village

Only From $211 $179
 Best Price Guarantee  
Stellar Cruise
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All Meals Included

Stellar Cruise Stellar Cruise

Launched: 2010    Rooms: 21   

 Style: Boutique  Built in traditional and elegant style.  Reasonable price  Friendly and helpful staff  Suitable for families and special events: honeymoon, wedding anniversary, birthday,...  Delicious and outstanding food  A lot of activities such as kayaking, making spring rolls, visiting caves, climbing to the top of hills and lounging on the beach.  Shuttle bus and kayaking included

Only From $165 $132
 Best Price Guarantee  
Aclass Legend Cruise
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All Meals Included

Aclass Legend Cruise Aclass Legend Cruise

Launched: 2014    Rooms: 14   

 Very suitable for families, groups of friends,...  Surprisingly really good food with abundant dishes  Helpful and polite staffs  Incredibly friendly and brilliant guide  Suitable for families and special events: honeymoon, wedding anniversary, birthday,...  Beautiful dinner with steamed prawns on hot rocks right in front of your eyes  Peaceful time at night to sit upstairs with drinks and make new friends  Interesting cooking demonstration with spring roll  Shuttle bus and kayaking service included in the price

Only From $137 $117
 Best Price Guarantee  
Paradise Peak Cruise
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All Meals Included

Paradise Peak Cruise Paradise Peak Cruise

Launched: 2012    Rooms: 8   

 Style: Modern combined with traditional Vietnamese-style  One of the most luxurious cruise in Halong bay  High levels of guest service with private butler service and professional staff team  Large cabins with at least 38 m2 space make visitor feel like a hotel  Paradise Cruises is proudly awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015  Excellent service: cater customers 24/24 any time throughout the cruise  Spectacular facilities: the most spacious spa facilities and the very first and only library and fitness room in Ha Long Bay  Private Cruise: With only 8 - spacious cabin easily bring more comfort for guests.

Carina Cruise
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All Meals Included

Carina Cruise Carina Cruise

Launched: 2011    Rooms: 9   

 Style: tradition  Traditional and cozy cruise  Entertaining guide.  Great cabins. Stayed on the top deck rooms with small balconies  Small cruise, only 9 cabins so customers are given great care from the cruise staff  Amazing food, out of the world: so much of fresh sea food.  Happy and enthusiastic crews: they would do anything to take care of you.  A lot of activities: visit a floating village, go swimming, visit Surprise cave…  Taking a very great care of customers

Only From $154 $132
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