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Located on the less touristy Bai Tu Long Bay, Cong Dam Area is best known for its majestic and poetic natural beauty of an outdoor geological museum. Visitors will feel overwhelmed by the rock mountains formed from stacked stones in straight lines and the peaceful space of waterscape and surrounding scenery.

Coming here, tourists also have a great chance to visit Cong Dam fishing village – a small ancient fishing village with the population of about 120 people. Due to being quite far from the mainland and completely isolated from the usual tourist routes, the scenery of the village still retains many untouched features and a very clean environment. Beside enjoying kayak on pure waters as Cat Oan, Tra Gioi, Cay Bang, visitors can also participate in the experience of planting mangrove forests to protect the marine environment or follow fisherman to discover their daily life on the floating village.

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Halong Bay Cruises Visit Cong Dam Area

Paloma Cruise
Paloma Cruise Paloma Cruise

Launched: 2009    Rooms: 20   

 Style: Chinese architecture, modern.  A wooden junk crewed by a professional, loyal and dedicated team.  BBQ lunch is served on beach (depend on the weather or tide levels) for 3D2N program  Itinerary includes both Bai Tu Long and Halong bay  Service quality ranks 4 star standard  Around 21:00 PM: Happy Hour! Buy two drink - get one free (wine by the bottle excluded)  Plenty of opportunities for activities- caves, kayaking, visit to the pearl farm or relax on the top deck and enjoy the stunning views with a few drinks or massage available.

Only From $139 $129
 Best Price Guarantee  
Swan Cruise
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All Meals Included

Swan Cruise Swan Cruise

Launched: 2015    Rooms: 9   

 Style: Vietnamese and traditional wooden style  Sundeck: Large with tanning chairs  Comfort bedding, Air-conditioning  Humorous and knowledgeable English speaking guide  Magical kayaking with beautiful scenery  Ideal choice for family with family triple room and family connecting room  Fantastic staffs who are very informative and helpful  Tasty dishes with abundant food

Only From $153 $130
 Best Price Guarantee  
Signature Royal Cruise
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All Meals Included

Signature Royal Cruise Signature Royal Cruise

Launched: 2014    Rooms: 16   

 Style: Modern  Very suitable for family with triple or connecting rooms  Modern decoration with the white color make customer feel a luxury space  All cabins is equipped with private jacuzzi, deposit box  One of the Newest Cruise on Halong Bay   Visit non-touristic Bai Tu Long Bay  Helpful, enthusiastic and professional staff  Clean and comfortable cabin  Skillful, humor and good English speaking guide  Clean Waiting lounge for customer with bar

Only From $188 $150
 Best Price Guarantee  
Signature Cruise
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All Meals Included

Signature Cruise Signature Cruise

Launched: 2013    Rooms: 12   

 Style: Modern  Very suitable for family with triple or connecting rooms  Modern decoration with the white color make customer feel a luxury space  All cabins is equipped with private jacuzzi, deposit box  Visit non-touristic Bai Tu Long Bay  Helpful, enthusiastic and professional staff  Clean and comfortable cabin  Skillful, humor and good English speaking guide  Clean Waiting lounge for customer with bar

Only From $181 $145
 Best Price Guarantee  
La Regina Royal Cruise
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All Meals Included

La Regina Royal Cruise La Regina Royal Cruise
 Very good  - 3 Reviews

Launched: 2015    Rooms: 20   

 Style: A combination of traditional oriental value & various styles of luxury  Private Jacuzzi guarantee in each cabin  Well off beaten - track: discover Bai Tu Long Bay while not many other boats pass.  Professional, friendly staffs  Comfortable and spacious cabin

Only From $175 $155
 Best Price Guarantee  
Huong Hai Sealife Cruise
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All Meals Included

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise Huong Hai Sealife Cruise

Launched: 2013    Rooms: 26   

 Style: Modern  Newly born  The new itinerary in Bai Tu Long bay having pristine beaches  The professional staff on Cruise  Visit the must to see - sites: Sung Sot cave, Titop island, Bai Tu Long Bay  All of cabins have private balcony. So you can have the private place if you do not want to go up sun deck to enjoy the amazing beauty of Bai tu Long bay

Only From $156 $146
 Best Price Guarantee  
Dragon Legend Cruise
Dragon Legend Cruise Dragon Legend Cruise

Launched: 2013    Rooms: 24   

 Style: Traditionally decorated  Traditional decoration, suitable for visitors who love exploring Vietnamese cultures  Newly born  Unique itineraries and Visit uncrowed Bai Tu Long Bay  Visit Thien Canh Son Cave and Vung Vien fishing village  BBQ Lunch on the beach  Visit the agricultural Yen Duc village and Water puppet show  A cruise with a high quality service  Very Special & Unique Swimming Pool on board  Luxury Van for maximum 7 passengers

Only From $245 $195
 Best Price Guarantee  
Athena Luxury Cruise
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All Meals Included

Athena Luxury Cruise Athena Luxury Cruise

Launched: 2017    Rooms: 21   

 Style: Modern  Comtemporary and graceful decoration  Private Balcony guarantee in all cabins  Hand crafted wooden furniture including working desks, wardrobes, and luggage shelves  One of the Newest Cruise on Halong Bay   Visit both Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay  Helpful and enthusiastic staff  High quality wooden beds, comfortable mattress, soft pillows, crisp bed linen, and nice warm blankets

Only From $240 $180
 Best Price Guarantee  
Bellezza Cruise
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All Meals Included

Bellezza Cruise Bellezza Cruise
 Excellent  - 3 Reviews

Launched: 2014    Rooms: 10   

 Style: Vietnamese and traditional wooden style  Large sundeck with tanning chairs   Comfort bedding with Air-conditioning   Humorous and knowledgeable English speaking guide  Kayaking in beautiful scenery   Ideal choice for family with triple room and family connecting room   Fantastic staffs who are very informative and helpful   Tasty dishes with abundant food

Only From $165 $115
 Best Price Guarantee  
Renea Cruise
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All Meals Included

Renea Cruise Renea Cruise

Launched: 2015    Rooms: 11   

 Style: Traditional boat  4 star standard quality for services and finest facilities of a wooden cruises  Wooden cruise has 11 cabins, which maintain a small group to provide a quiet and privacy space for your clients. Our guide also can take better care for each individual.  We choose Bai Tu Long Bay to launch our boat, which is more authentic and quiet to make sure your clients has the best experience on the bay.  Many triple cabins (also can arrange 3 single beds) and connecting cabins for family or small groups.  Kayak is included for both 02 days and 03 days trip.  Fresh fruits are set up daily in all cabins for first time check in.  BBQ dinner is serving every night on our top deck.  Many family activities at night rather than only squid fishing  D-car luxury bus will make the road more comfortable  Our main point is focusing on customer’s experiences and make them feel the best of the bay.

Only From $170 $120
 Best Price Guarantee  

Other Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

Cap La Island

 Bai Tu Long Bay

Cap La Island  is a wonderful attraction with peaceful waterscape and pristine white sand beach. Visiting this area, tourists will be lost in the maze of dazzling natural wonders with islands, beaches, seawaters. How to exploring this area? At present, many cruises choose Cap La beach as a part of tour route for kayaking activity....

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

 Bai Tu Long Bay

Located among plenty of islands on Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng fishing village (also called Vong Vieng) impresses visitors as an off-the-beaten-track destination on your path of discovering the world heritage site Halong.Vung Vieng fishing village belongs to the Vung Ha archipelago located in the important protection...

Thien Canh Son Cave

 Bai Tu Long Bay

Thien Canh Son is a rather unspoiled cave located on Bai Tu Long Bay in the Cong Do Conservation Area. The cave is well known for its unique natural beauty and picturesque surrounding scenery, which allure thousands of visitors coming to this off-the-beaten-track area of the World Heritage Site.Inside the cave,...

Ao Ech Area

 Lan Ha Bay

Located on the eastern side of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay is a very calm bay with about 400 large and small islands and 139 small golden sand beaches creating a beautiful natural picture. Ao Ech Area is one of the best attractions on Lan Ha Bay which is best known for its pristine and tranquil beauty. The whole area is an unspoiled waterscape...

Viet Hai Village

 Lan Ha Bay

Viet Hai is a famous fishing village on Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai district, Hai Phong Province which attracts a large number of tourists due to the original and unique natural landscape and friendly people.  Often included in the cruises’ 3 day 2 night itinerary on Lan Ha Bay, the cycling experience along the...

Dark and Bright Cave

 Lan Ha Bay

Dark and Bright Cave is a part of Lan Ha Bay which is well known for the stunning limestone structure and the interesting natural habitat. Also belonging to Cat Ba National Park, this amazing place is very suitable for tourists who are interested in kayaking and passion to nature. The whole area is divided into two...

Trung Trang Cave

 Lan Ha Bay

Trung Trang Cave is dubbed a masterpiece of Mother Nature dedicated exclusively to Cat Ba Island. Located in Trung Trang valley about 15 km northwest of Cat Ba town, Trung Trang Cave is 300 meters long and passes through the mountain, having a capacity of hundreds of visitors at the same time. Trung Trang Cave takes visitors from this...

Ba Trai Dao Islets

 Lan Ha Bay

Ba Trai Dao Islets consists of three small mountains with the height of 23 meters, which from afar resemble three giant peaches. This fact leads to the name Ba Trai Dao which literally means three peaches in Vietnamese. These islets are located 22 km away to the south of Bai Chay tourist wharf and near Cat Ba Island - Hai Phong...

Thien Cung Cave

 Halong Bay

Thien Cung Cave (also known as Heavenly Palace Cave) is located north of Dau Go Island, 4 km from the tourist port. As one of the most beautiful caves on Halong Bay thanks to its huge space area, there are many chambers inside with numerous limestone stalactites and stalagmites in strange shapes.Located right near Dau Go cave, the cave is...

Dau Go Cave

 Halong Bay

Dau Go Cave is one of the most beautiful caves on Halong Bay, located on Dau Go Island about 6 km from Bai Chay Harbour and only 300 meters from Thien Cung Cave. The cave has the ancient and unspoiled beauty with many stalagmites in special and strange shapes.Located at 27 meters above sea level, the cave entrance is...

Tung Sau Pearl Farm

 Halong Bay

Tung Sau Pearl Farm is the most well-known pearl farm in Halong Bay and also a charming attraction fot tourists where they can witness and learn the entire process in making pearls and expansive pearl products from the first step of growing to harvesting pearl. The pearl farm is located in an isolated water area, surrounded by undulating...

Soi Sim Island

 Halong Bay

Located in the southwest of Halong Bay about 10 km from Tuan Chau pier, Soi Sim island is an appealing tourist attraction because of its inherent wild beauty. The island is also near other highlight attractions such as Titov Island, Luon Cave and Sung Sot Cave. The island’s name is derived from the rose myrtle (called “sim” in...

Luon Cave

 Halong Bay

Located on Bo Hon Island about 14 km southeast of Tuan Chau Island and only 1 km from Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave is the paradise of spectacular nature and dreaming landscapes. It is not a cave you can walk into but an open gate visitors can only travel by boat to get here. The area is essentially a group of islands that build a brackish lake...

TiTov Island

 Halong Bay

Titov Island (also known as Titop Island) is one of the most popular destinations on Halong Bay located in the heart of Halong Bay, and only 8 kilometers south-east of Bai Chay Harbour. Many international and domestice visitors choose a day cruise or overnight cruise on the crowded Halong Bay instead of other lesser touristy bays because for...

Sung Sot Cave

 Halong Bay

Located in the central area of the bay in Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave is the most beautiful and spacious cave which is one of must-visit attractions in Halong Bay. Covering a total area of over 10,000 square meter, Sung Sot cave is described as an “Opera House” with thousands of magic stalactites and stalagmites in various...

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