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Ba Trai Dao Islets consists of three small mountains with the height of 23 meters, which from afar resemble three giant peaches. This fact leads to the name Ba Trai Dao which literally means three peaches in Vietnamese. These islets are located 22 km away to the south of Bai Chay tourist wharf and near Cat Ba Island - Hai Phong Province.
Nowadays, Ba Trai Dao Islets become a famous tourist magnet for its three pristine beaches, each of which embraces a small island. Ba Trai Dao beaches are known as one of the most ideal destinations in Lan Ha Bay for kayaking and swimming thanks to the wonderfully secluded and unspoiled beaches. Rowing on the beautiful colored kayaks and surfing on the crystal clear water will be extremely interesting experiences that you look for in the discovery of the World Heritage Site. The combination of the green mountains, the white sand beaches and the blue waters gives this spot a romantic seascape which will amuse any visitors.

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Lan Ha Bay Cruises Visit Ba Trai Dao Islets

Era Cruise
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All Meals Included

Era Cruise Era Cruise

Launched: 2017    Rooms: 18   

 Style: Modern and boutique  Newest and largest cruises in Halong Bay with only 18 rooms - expectantly launched this December (on 23 Dec 2017)  Japanese Marine engine and generator system  Japanese steel used for the whole cruise  Inherit excellent service from its elder sisters - Signature and Signature Royal Cruises  Perfect choice for not only couples but also big families with children  Large and well-furnished cabins equipped with private sun terrace and jacuzzi  Spacious rooms from 46 square meters to 74 square meters  Only 2 hours driving from Hanoi center on high way roads to the cruise  Only 30 minutes driving to Cat Bi Airport (Hai Phong)  Off the beaten track route visiting three bays: Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay - Bai Tu Long Bay  Cycling in Hai Viet village (Cat Ba Island) on the second day (apply for 3 days tour)  Kayaking, swimming all included  Spectacular facilities: Mini golf course, starry mini cinema

Only From $251 $175
 Best Price Guarantee  
Stellar of the Seas Cruise
Stellar of the Seas Cruise Stellar of the Seas Cruise
 Excellent  - 38 Reviews

Launched: 2018    Rooms: 22   

 Style: Modern style 5-star standard services with professional staff  A luxury cruise service of the highest safety standard with completely unique experience with itinerary, avtivities, service, food and beverage.  Only 2,5  hours driving from Hanoi to Stellar of the sea Cruise by limousine buses  Spacious luxurious cabins with full facilities  All balonny guarantee in each room  Exploring "off the beaten track" route in Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay  Visiting the amazing natural Dark and Bright Cave  Cycling at Viet Hai Village ( with 3 days 2 nights titinerary )   Full  of  finest  comforts  such  as  fine  dining,  the  panoramic  bar,  wine  and  cigars  cellar,  golf  club,  seasonal swimming  pool,  beauty  spa  &  massage,  children  playground…

Only From $270 $190
 Best Price Guarantee  
Mon Cheri Cruise
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All Meals Included

Mon Cheri Cruise Mon Cheri Cruise

Launched: 2018    Rooms: 18   

 Style: Modern Western style  One of the newest cruises in Halong Bay  Private Balcony in all cabins  Visiting two bays in one trip (Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay)  Cycling in Viet Hai Village (Cat Ba Island) on the second day of 3D2N  Only 2 hours driving from Hanoi center on high way roads  Off thebeaten track itineraries  Special offers for Mon Cheri Suite Balcony and President Suite Balcony: a bottle of wine and Jacuzzi equipment.  Fantastic food in a good variety (Western and Asian food, also Halal food menu)  Fleet safety policy: safety equipment to cruise in all sea and weather conditions (sonars and radars, engines’ control and fire detection)

Only From $243 $170
 Best Price Guarantee  
La Regina Legend Cruise
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All Meals Included

La Regina Legend Cruise La Regina Legend Cruise
 Excellent  - 7 Reviews

Launched: 2018    Rooms: 27   

 Style: Indochine - Colonial Style  One of the newest cruises in Halong Bay   Private Balcony in all cabins   Visiting the extraordinary seascapes and landscape of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island   Cycling in Viet Hai Village (Cat Ba Island) on the second day of 3D2N   Only 2 hours driving from Hanoi center on high way roads   Off the beaten track itineraries   Special offers for Queen Regent: in-suite spa service, in-suite private dining service with butler, daily fresh fruit, complimentary fully stocked in-suite bar, plus the attentive service Excellent cuisine for buffet breakfast and lunch, and à la carte dinner

Only From $260 $180
 Best Price Guarantee  
Le Theatre Cruise
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All Meals Included

Le Theatre Cruise Le Theatre Cruise

Launched: 2019    Rooms: 23   

 Style: Classic Luxury modern  5-star standard services    One of NEWEST luxurious cruises in Lan Ha Bay with ultimate luxurious facilities.  Elegant decor with luxury and comfortable room  Transferring only 2 hours driving from Hanoi by highway road  Visit off - beaten track Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay  Cycling in Hai Viet village (Cat Ba Island) on the second day (apply for 3 days tour)  Kayaking, swimming, fishing all included

Only From $213 $170
 Best Price Guarantee  
O'Gallery Lotus Cruise
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All Meals Included

O'Gallery Lotus Cruise O'Gallery Lotus Cruise

Launched: 2019    Rooms: 18   

 Style: Modern luxurious style  One of the newest and most luxurious cruises in Halong bay  Private balcony guaranteed in each cabin  Perfect choice for not only couples but also big families with children  Spacious luxurious cabins with full facilities  Only 2 hours driving from Hanoi center on high way roads  Cycling and Trekking tour at Viet Hai Village ( with 3 days 2 nights titinerary )  Kayaking, swimming, cooking class all included

Only From $200 $160
 Best Price Guarantee  

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Viet Hai Village

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Viet Hai is a famous fishing village on Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai district, Hai Phong Province which attracts a large number of tourists due to the original and unique natural landscape and friendly people.  Often included in the cruises’ 3 day 2 night itinerary on Lan Ha Bay, the cycling experience along the...

Dark and Bright Cave

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Dark and Bright Cave is a part of Lan Ha Bay which is well known for the stunning limestone structure and the interesting natural habitat. Also belonging to Cat Ba National Park, this amazing place is very suitable for tourists who are interested in kayaking and passion to nature. The whole area is divided into two...

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Trung Trang Cave is dubbed a masterpiece of Mother Nature dedicated exclusively to Cat Ba Island. Located in Trung Trang valley about 15 km northwest of Cat Ba town, Trung Trang Cave is 300 meters long and passes through the mountain, having a capacity of hundreds of visitors at the same time. Trung Trang Cave takes visitors from this...

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