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What travelers love about Stellar Cruise

  •   Style: Boutique
  •   Built in traditional and elegant style.
  •   Reasonable price
  •   Friendly and helpful staff
  •   Suitable for families and special events: honeymoon, wedding anniversary, birthday,...
  •   Delicious and outstanding food
  •   A lot of activities such as kayaking, making spring rolls, visiting caves, climbing to the top of hills and lounging on the beach.
  •   Shuttle bus and kayaking included
Ian Griffin

        Had a great time with Stellar Cruise, everything was well organised and smooth. The room was clean and comfortable, the food was great and the staff were friendly and lovely! A lovely trip ☺️
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  • Connecting room
  • 10 Rooms
  • Ocean view
  • Double/twin
  • 14 m²
  • First deck
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  • Room with balcony
  • 9 Rooms
  • Ocean view
  • Double/twin
  • 14 m²
  • Second deck
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Honeymoon Suite

  • Room with balcony Connecting room
  • 2 Rooms
  • Ocean view
  • Double
  • 23 m²
  • Second deck
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Stellar Cruise: Itineraries & Routes

Stellar Cruise

Launched since January 2010, Stellar Cruise has welcomed many visitors from all over the world and all are satisfied with their services.

Stellar cruise offers a one-of-a-kind experience aboard the traditional oriental-style boat. Their crews provide passengers with first-class service throughout the length of journey that makes vacation become a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

The cruise liner contains twenty-one spacious cabins, full of luxury equipments with private en-suite bathroom, a large sundeck, elegant dining room, lounge bar, beauty spa, massage, kayaking and exciting entertainments. Board the Stellar Cruise where a mesmerizing experience is guaranteed. Enjoy many exciting activities on boards, all guests can truly contemplate the magical beauty of Halong Bay.


Try to cook Vietnamese cuisine in cooking class

Tourists will have chance to be guided cooking special Vietnamese food with our cook chef. Try yourself to prepare a dish and have a taste of it on your own. This is also an occasion to gain more knowledge about Vietnamese culinary.

Explore the Bay by rowing boat

Stop for a trip on a small boat rowed by locals and take in the scenery as you float in center of the bay. You will be able to explore the hidden parts that can’t be seen from the main ship.

Join Tai Chi class on Stellar Cruise

Participating in Tai Chi class and physical training in the morning, you will prepare a perfect health before starting your busy day. Moreover, at the same time you can enjoy the outstanding sunrise view on the sundeck.

Come to see a fishing village

Floating to explore a fishing village in Halong Bay, you will encounter the local people whose life closely attached to the water. Take a look at their daily life and you will understand more about Vietnamese people’ characteristic.

Enjoy Spa on Stellar Cruise

Relax after a tiring day with our spa services right on board. You could also enjoy the service in your own cabin. The dedicated service of our professional staff surely brings you moments of greatest relaxation.

Soi Sim Island

 Halong Bay

Located in the southwest of Halong Bay about 10 km from Tuan Chau pier, Soi Sim island is an appealing tourist attraction because of its inherent wild beauty. The island is also near other highlight attractions such as Titov Island, Luon Cave and Sung Sot Cave. The island’s name is derived from the rose myrtle (called “sim” in...

Luon Cave

 Halong Bay

Located on Bo Hon Island about 14 km southeast of Tuan Chau Island and only 1 km from Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave is the paradise of spectacular nature and dreaming landscapes. It is not a cave you can walk into but an open gate visitors can only travel by boat to get here. The area is essentially a group of islands that build a brackish lake...

TiTov Island

 Halong Bay

Titov Island (also known as Titop Island) is one of the most popular destinations on Halong Bay located in the heart of Halong Bay, and only 8 kilometers south-east of Bai Chay Harbour. Many international and domestice visitors choose a day cruise or overnight cruise on the crowded Halong Bay instead of other lesser touristy bays because for...

Sung Sot Cave

 Halong Bay

Located in the central area of the bay in Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave is the most beautiful and spacious cave which is one of must-visit attractions in Halong Bay. Covering a total area of over 10,000 square meter, Sung Sot cave is described as an “Opera House” with thousands of magic stalactites and stalagmites in various...

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