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Halong Sen Day Cruise

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$75 $55
Style: Traditional   Launched: 2017    50 Cabin(s)   
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What travelers love about this cruise

  •   Style: Traditional and Contemporary
  •   New nice steel boat meticulously designed for a luxury adventurous day trip in Halong Bay
  •   Kayak through mysterious hidden corners around Ba Hang
  •   Explore the splendor of sparkling stalagmites in Thien Cung Cave
  •   Participate in a hands-on cooking class on the sundeck
  •   Taste Vietnamese lotus tea served with delicious candied lotus seeds
  •   High standard services with professional staff

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Halong Sen Day Cruise

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    Halong Sen Day Cruise

    Inspired by the gracious charm of lotus, Vietnam’s national flower, Halong Sen Cruise is a new steel boat designed meticulously in traditional and contemporary cruising concepts. Passengers can see the images of pure lotus in every corner on board, from the decorations, cuisine to the lotus tea demonstration. Launched on December 9th, 2017 and managed by Athena Group, a well-known luxury cruising company in Halong Bay, Halong Sen Cruise promises to make your day trip to the legendary Halong Bay an impeccable experience of a lifetime.



    Kayaking is one of the best experiences you should not miss when exploring Halong Bay. On this voyage with Halong Sen Cruise, you will enjoy this exciting activity in the calm waters around Ba Hang fishing village. This will be also the chance to learn more about local people’s way of life and the Vietnamese fishing culture.

    Thien Cung cave

    Exploring Thien Cung Cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay is a highlighted part of Halong Sen Cruise’s day tour. Beside the information from the cruise tour guide, passengers will freely marvel at the unique and stalagmites, stalactites in various shapes such as a giant lotus, a seal, a baby elephant and much more.

    Cooking class

    Learning how to cook a traditional Vietnamese dish among the stunning seascapes of Halong Bay is a unique experience in the voyage with Halong Sen Cruise. You will join in a hands-on class about local ingredients and the recipe to make a delicious spring roll with the chefs’ expert guidance. Give it a try and after all, enjoy your final result with your family and friends.

    Lotus tea

    After taking a fun-filled tour around Halong Bay, you will have some time to relax with Vietnamese lotus tea served with sweet candied lotus seeds. Not only enjoying the subtle taste of this elegant tea, but you will also have the chance to learn how to make this tea in a simple and right way through a short demonstration. It will be surely an enjoyable experience on your day trip.

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