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Cong Day Cruise

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$77 $65
Style: Traditional   Launched: 2019    30 Cabin(s)   
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What travelers love about this cruise

  •   Style: Traditional
  •   New luxury day cruise with high-quality and reliable services
  •   Beautiful and traditional decoration about the subsidized economy period of Vietnam
    Only 2 hours transfer from Hanoi - Tuan Chau by expressway
  •   7 hours on cruise in Halong Bay
  •   Unique itinerary: Visiting Sung Sot Cave, kayaking to Trinh Nu Cave and hiking at Titov Island
  •   Special activities: Sunset party and cooking class
  •   Helpful and friendly staff

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Cong Day Cruise

  • 30 Rooms
  • Panoramic view
  • Double/twin
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Cong Day Cruise

Offering a fun-filled day trip of up to 7 hours with many activities, Cong Day Cruise is a new and ideal choice for travelers who have limited time to experience the best of Halong Bay, especially friend, couple and family holidays. During the journey, Cong Cruise will take guests in the most beautiful landscapes of this World Heritage Site such as Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Beach, and Titov Island which are included in a 3-day itinerary of other cruises. Together with a dedicated team and a high-quality reliable service, your vacation with Cong Cruise will be memorable experiences that you won’t easily forget.


Travel back in time with Cong Day Cruise

Cong Cruise will take you back the past with a small corner decorated by familiar items of Vietnamese life in the 1980’s such as plate rack cabinet, traditional kitchen, radio, black and white television, hurricane lantern or soldier’s water bottle. All create a special atmosphere of the subsidized economy period that is also peaceful and relaxed.

Explore the secrets of Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese traditional food is an important highlight Cong Cruise wants to show passengers during the voyage. You will enjoy many traditional dishes such as spring rolls, rice noodles, grilled fish, oysters, shrimps, etc. All these local ingredients are fresh and cooked by a professional chef who knows well about the Vietnamese food culture. Besides, passengers also experience a hands-on cooking class where you learn how to make a Vietnamese fresh spring roll. What a fun experience with Cong Cruise 

Enjoy a relaxed vibe of Cong Cruise’s Sunset Party

Sunset Party is the best time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Halong Bay on the red-orange light of sunset. On the spacious top deck, guests can relax on the chairs or sun loungers, savor a cup of traditional Vietnamese tea or some tropical fruit while admiring the great views around. Taking some stunning photos or talking with other travelers will be a memorable experience in your voyage with Cong Cruise.

Take part in many activities with Cong Cruise

During 7 hour of cruising with Cong Cruise, passengers will join in plenty of outdoor activities that will also a great chance to be closer to the spectacular beauty of Halong Bay. You can take photos at Thumb Islet, exploring Sung Sot Cave, kayaking and swimming at Trinh Nu Beach or hiking to the top of Titov Island.

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