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The highly trusted collection of Best Halong Bay Cruises that is frequently updated by our Halong Cruise Experts depending much on the cruises' conditions: best facilities, unique experiences, best offers, high-end meals on board, professional staff, and especially excellent comments, feedback from our real valuable customers. We hope that you can select a suitable Halong bay cruise for your holiday and have unforgettable experiences beside your beloved ones.
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Halong Bay FAQs - frequently asked questions Halong Bay FAQs - frequently asked questions
We hope that this information will answer your concerns pre-departure to Halong Bay...
Notes for a Great Cruising Trip in Halong Bay
Halong Bay is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the...
Coming to Halong Bay, you can find it easy to see quite a lot of the...
Welcome Paradise Grand Cruise - The first member of Paradise Fleet in Lan Ha Bay in 2020
Paradise Group is proudly the pioneer and the leading cruising...
Proudly twice recognized as a World Heritage Site, as an iconic...
Discover the most prominent attractions with Halong Bay Cruises
Although the whole area is mostly known as Halong Bay, there are in...

Recent Reviews About Halong Bay Cruises

  • Novi

    Satisfied and friendly service

    I really satisfied for the services we accepted couple weeks ago. From the beginning we submitted the inquiry of Halongbay... Pelican Cruise

  • Vicky

    Surpassed our expectations!

    Jessie, as before - you were fabulous, attentive and understanding once again! Our trip again this year was less stressful and... Stellar of the Seas Cruise

  • Celeste

    nice travel via inside travel vietnam!

    good services, quick response, and kind reply makes my trip more happy. thanks so much for everything! :) Paradise Elegance Cruise

  • Dr Cameron Gourley

    A wonderful trip to Ha Long Bay and beyond.

    Excellent service and advice from Jessie. She was always very quick to respond to our requests. The cruise she recommended was... Renea Cruise

  • Chan Bee Ser

    Hotel and Halong Bay cruise are memorable

    Many thanks to Jessie, who is both very attentive and knowledgeable. Thanks to her, my mother 80th birthday trip is made both... Stellar of the Seas Cruise

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